Tips To Deal With Interview Rejection

Tips To Deal With Interview Rejection

There will be times during your career when you aren’t accepted for a position that you wanted. Interview rejection can severely knock your confidence and many of us can dwell on being turned down, often neglecting the bigger picture.

You can use this experience to enhance your interview technique or use this opportunity to figure out what role is best for you. It is imperative to remember that how you handle interview rejection is as important as your CV when it comes to securing a new role. As dwelling on it will affect your future performance.

Some people have a natural resilience to it. However, many of us will need to spend time learning techniques to better handle it. This will occur as you progress through your career. However, to assist you we’ve put together some quick tips that everyone should use.

Get Feedback.

If you feel uncomfortable calling the company (although we recommend that you try), you can send a follow-up or thank you email either after the interview or after you’ve received the rejection response. Actively seeking feedback demonstrates your professional attitude, which can be used in your advantage if the company was on the fence about your suitability.

Always try to get feedback from the interviewer. As they will highlight the key areas that you can improve on. Although you won’t be given every external factor, the points raised will help to refine your interview technique. Remember, constructive criticism is a good thing!

If you know that you performed to the best of your ability during your interview. You felt that you built up a rapport with the interviewer, clearly demonstrated your technical expertise and highlighted that you matched the company culture. Then this company simply wasn’t right for you!

Take a Breath. Step Back. Reflect.

It is easy to take interview rejection to heart, blaming your personality, technical knowledge or interview technique as the reasons you were unsuccessful.

You must take a step back to reflect and realise that there are external factors that are beyond your control. In many instances, you will be rejected because the company can only hire one person for the position, so the interviewer goes of their gut feeling.

However, if it was an interview question that threw you off or you didn’t prepare any counter questions, then including these aspects during future preparation will improve future success.

A New Approach.

Approach your job search with a positive attitude!

Learn from this negative experience to better prepare for the future. Take the time to tailor your CV to the roles that you are applying for, ensure that you have enough time to properly prepare for your interviews – focusing on your research into the company and the role.

Sometimes, it may not be your interview technique or experience that is preventing you from getting the role. You may just be applying for the wrong jobs for you! As such, it is always worth taking the time to think about your career and what you want. Even spending some time to properly plan for it. You can use this opportunity to develop your professional skillset so that you can secure the position that you want.

Keep in mind every hiring manager is different and will have a varying perspective on what their ‘ideal employee’ is. So, always keep the requirements of the employer in mind whilst remaining true to yourself during interviews.

Restart Your Search

Do not let this set you back. With your new knowledge, you can now restart your job search with a fresh perspective. It is important that you not only find the right position that meets your skill set, but also the right company that will help you to achieve your career plan.

You could use a recruitment agency, like us, to help you with this endeavour.

We hope that you can use these tips to help gain resilience to interview rejection and best utilise the experience to develop your skills. However, if you require additional support feel free to visit our resource centre or contact us today.

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