How To Successfully Conduct Remote Interviews

With the events of 2020, it is imperative that employers include some aspects of remote interviewing as part of their recruitment process. It will help keep you one step ahead of your competitors and maintain a positive candidate experience. In this blog, we will look into how you can successfully conduct remote interviews to continue growing your team and business.

None surprisingly, many employers have had to adapt their recruitment processes to cope with the changes that COVID 19 has brought. These changes look to have made a permanent impact on how employers interview, after many finding success with this process over the last few months.

Whilst there is no set way to conduct remote interviews, we will go through what you can do before, during and after.

Before You Conduct Remote Interviews

Before you conduct remote interviews, there are several steps that you can take to make the process manageable and maintain a positive candidate experience.

Take The Time To Test A Candidates Skill Remotely Before Interviewing Them

With applications at an all-time high, especially at entry-level positions, employers can keep the volume of candidate’s that you interview manageable by implementing pre-screening tests. With this, you can gain an initial picture of a candidates skills and remove candidates that may not meet the requirements for the role. Ensuring you interview the best candidates available.

Ensure That You Prepare For The Interview

It’s particularly important to prepare for remote interviews. As you lose the personal touch of face-to-face interviewing and you need to mitigate potential issues. Putting in the extra preparation will make the difference between an average and exceptional candidate experience.

As part of this, you need to make sure that you use the right remote interviewing tool. Are you going to be using video interview, telephone interviewing or both? Will you have a series of predefined questions that candidates can answer or a role play experience? All of this will have to be considered and conveyed to applicants. There are many video interviewing tools that you can use, here are a few;

  1. Skype
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Zoom

Recruiter Tip

Some employers include an interactive aspect to their interview. An example, for programming roles it is beneficial to see candidates coding ability before they join the team. In these instances, you can use a tool like Team Viewer to see their skills in action.

Remove Any Possible Distractions

This can be more difficult to do compared to traditional interview methods, as you may not have a quiet space where you are based. However, it is important to remove any distractions so that you can give the candidate your undivided attention.

One aspect that you must check is that your internet connection is stable. Being disconnected during the interview not only negatively affects the candidate experience but adds further time delays onto the recruitment process.

During The Remote Interview

Keep The Interview Personal

When you conduct remote interviews, it can feel different from face to face interviews- for both you and the candidate. Which is why it is imperative to keep the interview personal and make the candidate as comfortable as possible.

Top things you can do whilst conducting a remote interview to keep the human touch:

  1. Keep the small talk that you would have with an in-person interview.
  2. If the interview is long, include breaks for quick “breathers” for candidates to collate themselves.
  3. Be overly expressive during video interviews, so that it is easy for the candidate to read your body language.

Communication Is Key During Remote Interviews

You can put candidates at ease by being transparent with your communication during remote interviews. Although this should be done throughout the process, make sure that you take a moment during the interview to communicate;

  1. What the next steps in the application process will be.
  2. The key expectations that you have for them in the role.
  3. Details about the team and how they fit within the organisation.

Not only will this promote a positive employer brand, as you are consistent and regular with the information you provide. You will also add the personal touch that is lost during remote interviewing.

Don’t Neglect To Mention Your Company Culture During The Interview

Whilst you won’t be able to give an in-person tour of the business, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to speak about the company culture during the interview. It just means that you need to be creative with how you deliver a compelling culture pitch. Some ideas that you could implement;

  1. Create a company culture handout to discuss during the interview.
  2. Have another person join the interview to talk about the culture.
  3. If conducting a video interview, you can create a virtual tour of the business.

After You Conduct Remote Interviews

Communicate After The Interview. With An Email, Thank You Message or Feedback Request.

Remember to follow-up the interview with a thank-you email to candidates. Sometimes this section can be neglected, especially when you have interviewed several applicants. However, it is such an important part that significantly improves the candidate experience during the recruitment process.

You can also use this opportunity to gain feedback on the process, which is especially important if you are new to remote interviewing. Ask questions such as;

  1. What went well during the interview?
  2. Is there anything that we could do to improve?

In Summary

Remote interviewing has become an important part of the recruitment process, with it becoming the ‘new norm’ for many employers. When effectively done, remote interviewing can maintain or develop a positive candidate experience and ensure that you don’t miss out on the talent your team needs.

With the use of advanced video interviewing technology, we regularly manage remote interviews on behalf of our clients to ensure that only the best talent joins the team. With this, we can send across videos of our interviews with candidates, for you to assess when it is convenient. Which means you gain valuable insight into a candidates personality and ability, without the hassle of managing an interview. Contact our team today for more information, or send across some details about the role that you are currently recruiting for a non-obligatory quote.

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