Case Study – How We Reduced The Time Spent On Recruitment For This Construction Company

Who is our client?

Refresh Renovations are the worlds leading residential renovations specialists, operating across the UK and in the USA, New Zealand & Australia. We work with a number of the UK franchisees for Refresh  in areas throughout the UK, including Brighton, Nottingham, West Central London, Northampton, Surrey and more.

The Challenge

The Business Manager was looking for a partnership that would mean that the franchise owners spent less time on recruitment. As the demand for their service is rapidly growing and did not lessen during the COVID lockdowns. So, it was imperative to grow the team to keep up with the work-load within each region.

Construction Recruitment Case Study Challenges That This Client Face

The Solution

We approached this client with a very consultative recruitment service that could quickly free-up the franchise owners time, whilst also considered the long-term business goals. As it was crucial to find Project Managers that would develop alongside the business.

We started by learning the overall business model, then tackled the unique requirements of each region. To develop this understanding, our construction recruitment team met with the owners to undertake a client needs analysis. Which included establishing recruitment budgets, contract length and what projects they were currently working on.

With our expertise within this market, we quickly created tailored recruitment solutions that proactively solved the issues of each franchise- with a focus on saving time.  So, we opted to run a mixture of temporary-to-permanent and permanent recruitment campaigns. Additionally, the strategies we implemented varied from head-hunting passive talent, to networking with candidates in our database and finally traditional ‘Attract-Source-Select’ recruitment campaigns. All of these processes were undertaken solely by our team, so the franchise owners could focus on the business and not recruitment.

We also conducted initial telephone interviews before submitting a candidates CV’s. With this, we assess the candidates experience and if they would fit with the companies culture. By managing this step, we reduce the time that the franchise owners spent interviewing as the client already had a thorough insight into the candidate. Additionally, it ensured that the client viewed a handful of high-calibre candidates. Which reduced the time spent on screening.

The Results

The client initially approached three agencies for recruitment support. To figure out which would best support the business, each agency worked on a couple of roles as a trial. After successfully completing this trial, we were selected to work with them.

What we delivered:

  1. The average time to hire, from the requirement to offer, is six days. The quickest turnaround being two days.
  2. New franchises were introduced to us by referrals. As a result of the calibre of candidates submitted and the quick timescales we work too.
  3. We have placed 4 Construction Project Managers in franchise across the UK.

As a result of the cohesion we have formed with this client, we now act as a preferred partner for all sites and across a variety of construction roles. This partnership has become extremely beneficial to the business owners, as they no longer need to focus on recruitment. Instead, they invest their time to develop and grow their franchise.  We also proactively work with franchise owners and regularly send across CVs of talent we know will fit within their organisation. Which we can do this because of our insight into their business. 

Feedback From The Client

Tracy, Franchise Owner:

We were looking to find a qualified construction project manager within a short time frame to cope with demand.

The recruitment solution was exactly what we needed. Jouel was very pleasant to deal with and communicated well through all stages. The candidates were great and were submitted to us extremely quickly. We didn’t have to request any more candidates, as they suited our needs perfectly. We progressed through our recruitment process swiftly and had our new project manager in the role in no time at all.

Jouel has continued to check in to ensure everything is OK with us and our new employee, which is much appreciated.

Jamie, Franchise Owner:

Another franchise business referred Regional Recruitment Services to me, as I was looking to hire a project manager. The service met my expectations set by the good referrals as all candidates were good. Using Regional saved me a lot of time to focus on my business.

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