We’ve Obtained Our GLAA Licence

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About the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

The GLAA are a non-departmental public body that operates a licensing scheme to businesses that supply workers into any industry that handles fresh produce, including:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Horticulture
  3. Shellfish gathering
  4. Any business that processes and packages fresh produce

Their primary goal is to work alongside businesses to prevent employee exploitation. For recruitment agencies in particular, the GLAA creates a level playing field for all organisation’s to compete in a healthy environment whilst ensuring workers safety.

An area of focus for the GLAA is the use of third parties for payroll, such as Umbrella Companies or MUC (Mini Umbrella Companies). Which has been branded by HMRC as unethical and is now classified as organised crime. Despite this, some organisations continue to use the practice and the GLAA and HMRC are working to stop this practice.

How did we obtain our first GLAA Licence

We obtained our first GLAA Licence after an incredibly thorough audit of our procedures. This included:

  1. Viewing Our Corporate Policies, such as our Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities policy.
  2. Assessment Of Our Payroll Processes, which covered the pay rate agencies workers were on and all statutory liabilities (such as Tax, National Insurance, VAT and Pension)
  3. Vetting The Accommodation and Transportation that we provide agency workers.

What We Will Do

With this we will be able to support the UK fresh produce sector with their recruitment, focussing on businesses that process and package food or drink.

We will continue to supply agency workers to employers in adherence to the UK employment regulations. But, we will continue to work in line with the GLAA protocols, endeavouring to:

  1. Protect vulnerable workers whilst they are searching or are at work.
  2. Share information with the GLAA and other organisations to prevent and stop the exploitation of workers.
  3. Raise awareness of exploitation and actively communicate within the supply chains that we support.
  4. Work collaboratively with the GLAA and organisations, to manage information in a sensitive and confidential manner.

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