Best Recruitment Agency Leicester Accolade

We are thrilled to share that we have received the accolade of Best Recruitment Agency Leicester.

Of service embodies the phrase Quality of Quantity. With all of us working hard to provide an excellent service that meets the needs of our customers. So this accolade means so much to us, as we’re recognised for this endeavor by independent researchers.

More About This Accolade

Researchers for the SME Business Elite Awards 2021 looked into the recruitment agencies within the Leicester area, in order to identify which could be the best. After we and a handful of other agencies were progressed to their jury process, we were selected for the accolade.

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We wanted to know more about why our nomincation. Luckily, we were able to speak with a representative of the jury who informed us that:

We determined Regional Recruitment Services, to be a recruitment agency heralded for its pro-active approach to temporary and permanent staffing.

Company-wide, the recruiter process outlines a clear pathway from application to employment, which enables the firm to provide a more tailored experience as a pose to shoehorning clients into undesirable situations.

Most impressively, responsiveness was identified as the most crucial aspect from the research process. After initially being proactive to engage with potential clients, RRS showed they matched the wants of a modern-day job seeker with fast and frequent updates on the process at hand.

The researchers also highlighted the other awards/reviews that we have (Finalist of the LeicestershireLive Business Awards: Employer of the Year and our Three Best Rated Agencies status), as another reason for our selection. Along with our blog and free resources for customers to engage with.

It is great to add this accolade to our collection; we hope to add more awards that recognise our team, service and our endeavour to support jobseekers and employers.

SME News shared an article about us and our award, you can read more online:

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