The Recruitment Process for Temporary Work

Temporary work is an excellent means to gain experience and skills in specific areas or bridging the gap between permanent roles. We can help you find the right role to suit your circumstances.

Agency Work: Important Information Regarding Our Contract For Services

The Contract For Services between us is only applicable from when you have started agency work on our behalf. We have no obligation to offer you agency work, and you have non-obligation to accept the agency work that we offer to you.

In line with the Agency Worker Regulations, you will recieve equal pay and benefits to comparable employees after the qualifying period, for any client you undertake agency work with.

Below is information about your holiday accural/requests as well as your weekly payments.


You will be paid weekly on a pay as you earn basis (PAYE) and we process payment one week in arrears.

We pay you directly into your account (by BACS) by 5 pm on a Friday, your payslip will be emailed to you 24 hours before your payment. We will only make deductions for tax and National Insurance.

If you need to change your bank details, we do not accept any changes over the phone. These changes need to be put in writing to us at

You will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme provided by NEST following 3 month’s agency work with us.


Our Holiday Year runs from April 1st to March 31st and you must use all holiday between these dates. Any unused holidays will not be carried over to the next holiday year.

Your holiday accrual is based on the hours that you work and excludes voluntary overtime. During the qualifying period, you are entitled to 28 days of paid holiday (including Bank Holidays).

To book a holiday, you will need to provide double the amount of notice. For example, if you wish to book off one week you will need to give us two weeks’ notice. We need this notice in writing, either via email ( or by coming into our office. Please inform the company that you are working for that you are booking a holiday, as well as letting us know.

Bank Holidays are not automatically booked off you. If you would like bank holiday days off you will need to request these by email or by using the form below. You will not automatically be paid your outstanding holiday accrual if you have finished an assignment with us. It is your responsibility to request holiday pay in these instances.

For information on your holiday year, please refer to your Contract for Services. All holiday must be used in the holiday year as it will not be carried over.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Work

When you undertake agency work, otherwise known as a temporary assignment, you will be employed by Regional Recruitment Services. You will work on our client’s site however we handle your registration, onboarding and weekly payments.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to get to one of our branches. We’ve a software that enables us to digitally send our registrations documents to you, for documentation like your ID or NINo you will need to speak to one of our expert’s consultants regarding this.

If you still have questions about our recruitment process, visit our FAQ today.

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Looking For Permanent Work?

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