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Assessment Centres - Streamlining The Selection Process

Assessment centres are one of the most valuable and cost-effective methods to help identify the most suitable candidates for your role, in the most efficient time-frame.

They work because we are able to assess multiple candidates without interfering with a thorough selection process. With Assessment Centres, we are able to assess the existing performance of candidates, whilst predicting future performance. Meaning that employers can avoid making poor recruitment decisions and reduce the overall cost-to-hire.

What happens at our Assessment Centres?

We’ve become experts in this field, running multiple assessment centres a week for major clients in the commercial and industrial sectors. Ask us to manage your assessment centres, and you’ll get detailed insight into the abilities, aptitudes and personalities of candidates thanks to some very effective tools including:

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Role Play

These tests show us how a candidate will perform when given a particular task or role. From this, we use the results to predict their future performance and highlight their strengths or weaknesses.

Traditional Interviewing

Our recruiters will also conduct a mini-interview with candidates in order to establish their career goals, clarify their work experience and understand their skills. This will help us to identify if they are the right fit for your business.

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Psychometric Testing

This very thorough form of testing will assess the personality, aptitude and capabilities of candidates with skills and personality tests. The purpose is to establish if the candidate is the right cultural fit for the business, whilst also ensuring that they can best complete the tasks that they are given.

Group Exercises

It is imperative that candidates are able to work well as part of a team. So, we hold group exercises that assess many key skills, such as listening skills, decision making and leadership. Usually, we will set a task and assess how the group completes it.

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At every stage, we'll give you expert advice and support so that you feel confident about your recruitment and completely satisfied with the outcome.

Why should I use Assessment Centres?

Assessment Centres are proven to identify the right talent for jobs. However, they have a number of other benefits that most employers are not aware of:

Internal Polices

Assessment centres implement a fair selection process that removes any potential bias. As candidates are selected purely on merit and their performance. Meaning that they complement anti-discrimination and diversity policies.

Positive Employer Branding

Assessment centres offer a unique opportunity to elevate your employer brand in a positive manner. This is because they streamline the recruitment process and create a great first impression, which improves the candidates’ experience- even if they are not hired.

Candidate Experience

Having an easier recruitment process will instantly improve the candidates’ experience. With assessment centres, this can easily be achieved and we can build an engaged group of possible future employees.

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