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At the heart of every organisation are people who keep the wheels turning and make sure things run smoothly. You might be one of these people… or you might be looking for your next employee to plug an essential gap. We can help you as a commercial recruitment agency

Commercial roles demand a certain skillset, whatever the nature of your business – our experts understand the importance of identifying candidates who are adaptable, good at problem-solving and gifted at communicating for a variety of central roles.

As a commercial recruitment agency, we help businesses throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands. While we’re happy to place candidates all over the UK, we have a strong local presence. It’s always been important to us to build relationships in our region and get to know the people behind the office doors.

So if you’re looking to fortify your infrastructure with candidates skilled in core office functions, please get in touch. We’re here to help you at every step.

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Areas of Expertise as a Commerical Recruitment Agency

Contact Centre Recruitment

From our specialist insight in this sector, we’re seeing how call centre roles have evolved. Often it’s not so much about qualifications as the ability to deal with real-life scenarios that test a candidate’s capacity to cope, soothe and resolve.

There’s also a demand for niche skills, such as extra languages or social media expertise, especially as expectations have risen and customer service now takes place via email, online platforms and Live Chat as well as on social media.

Finance Recruitment

We can recruit people who will boost performance in your business, deliver objectives, analyse risks and fill spreadsheets. Our candidates have strong analytical skills, numerical ability and high levels of concentration to support your business and strengthen your team.

You can count on us to have sector knowledge and experience to identify the people who will make a difference in your organisation by adding value and maintaining performance.

Sales Recruitment

We recognise what it takes to be good in sales. It’s perhaps the one sector where we focus on skills, not experience. All those personal attributes that help convince and persuade, such as confidence, resilience, an ability to negotiate and being hungry for the deal.

These are among the key skills, qualities and aptitudes that make the difference in a sales environment, and it’s where our team of consultants excel at recruiting from our talent pool.

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