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Do you have a question regarding our process or recruitment legislation? Find your answer in our FAQ!

We’re here to support you so that every recruitment decision you make is a success: from wording job specifications to effective interviewing techniques, the latest news and developments to being sure about your legal obligations.

On this page, you’ll find some valuable information and advice covering some of the topics we’re asked about most frequently.

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Common questions

A recruitment agency will make your life easier. You can trust us to source temporary, permanent and contract staff that are a good fit for your company, taking into account your organisational structure, culture and your short or long-term requirements.

As well as actively seeking candidates on your behalf, we can give you advice, support and guidance on all aspects of recruiting including sector news, developments, salary benchmarking, trends and predictions.

We’re a multi sector consultancy so it’s very likely that we will have placed candidates in similar roles to the positions you are seeking to fill.

We cover temporary, permanent and contract roles in a number of industries. We’re local specialists but work across the whole of the UK so we have a wide variety of candidates on our database who are ready for their next opportunity.

Yes, we believe so. Choose RRS, and you will avoid the costs of direct recruitment – designing a campaign, advertising, spending precious management time on interviews, assessing competencies and checking candidates’ backgrounds. You will benefit from our experience, expertise and support throughout the whole recruitment process.

Our Process

We believe spending time in your workplace is very important – it helps us gain an impression of your values and culture as well as a deeper understanding of your requirements and expectations of the role.

Call us on 0116 262 3733 and we will explain exactly how the process works once you have chosen RRS as your recruitment partner.

Yes. We can source, screen and supply individuals who will carry out an assignment or short term role for you. It’s an effective way to cope with a spike in workflow, staff absences or one off projects. We offer a full solution so that you don’t need to worry about administration – we will cover National Insurance, PAYE contributions and holiday pay.

We also recruit in volume for call centres so we are experienced at finding the right people across a wide variety of contexts.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often. We’re aware that even with thorough interviews, tests, evaluations and screening, a candidate simply may not be the right fit for an organisation. In this event, we have a refund guarantee policy in place. We will also prioritise finding a replacement. Feel free to ask us about this.

You can send us an initial enquiry online or you can call us on 0116 262 3733 and arrange to meet a consultant who specialises in your field if you prefer.

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It is our responsibility to be fully aware of and comply with Working Time Regulations, the Employment Agencies Act, the Agency Workers Regulations, the Data Protection Act, IR35 and freelance tax status and the Equality Act.

As an employer, you have a legal duty to consider requests by your staff for flexible working patterns. Some view this without enthusiasm, but accommodating flexible working can have a very positive effect on employees, boosting morale and promoting productivity.

It might be working from home, job sharing, part-time work, flexitime, compressed hours (for weekly flexibility) or annualised hours (for flexibility over a year). Any employee can ask you for flexible working. It’s up to you to balance their request with business needs, but there are a couple of rules to bear in mind.

Parental leave entitles qualifying parents to take unpaid time off to care for their children after they have been your employee for one year- as long as their child is under the age of 5.

Each parent can take up to 13 weeks of leave right up until their child’s 5th birthday – and this applies to every child in the family. Some ask for parental leave straight after maternity or paternity leave, others wait until circumstances change. The rules are slightly different if a child has a disability (and receives disability allowance). Parents can take up to 18 weeks of parental leave until their child’s 18th birthday.

Were you aware that contractors, self-employed, freelancers and agency workers are not eligible for parental leave?  For more information about parental leave, see the Governments website page.

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) came into force on 1st October 2011. These regulations give agency workers the entitlement to the same treatment for basic employment and working conditions, if they complete a qualifying period of 12 weeks in a particular job. It doesn’t include people who are self-employed.

The best way to stay compliant is to let us take on the responsibility – we have vast experience of placing agency workers so you’ll benefit from our expertise right from the very start.

There’s more about AWR on the ACAS website.