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  • Highest-Calibre Candidate Attraction and Search Techniques
  • Bespoke Interview Facilities and Thorough Candidate Vetting
  • Expert Support Throughout the Recruitment Process

Recruitment Agency Leicester - Streamling Recruitment

You might be thinking, why do I need a recruitment agency?

Well, a recruitment agency will make your life easier- saving you time so that you can focus on your core business practices, or help you when recruitment times are busy.

We’re local specialists in Leicestershire but work across the whole of the UK, so we have a wide variety of candidates on our database who are ready for their next opportunity.

The clients that we help come to us for a number of recruitment solutions. Sometimes they will be looking for short-term employees as well as permanent staff. We can help with by providing a full recruitment solution. From sourcing candidates to managing administration – we will cover National Insurance, PAYE contributions and holiday pay for temporary employees. Other times there will be a skill shortage that needs to be quickly filled.

Recruitment Solutions - How We Support You

Choose RRS, and you will avoid the costs of direct recruitment – designing a campaign, advertising, spending precious management time on interviews, assessing competencies and checking candidates’ backgrounds.
You will benefit from our experience, expertise and support throughout the whole recruitment process and as a multi-sector consultancy, we can support you with all your recruitment needs.

As well as actively seeking candidates on your behalf, we can give you advice, support and guidance on all aspects of recruiting including sector news, developments, salary benchmarking, trends and predictions. To understand your role we believe spending time in your workplace is very important – it helps us gain an impression of your values and culture as well as a deeper understanding of your requirements and expectations of the role.

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Our Recruitment Models

Above is just an overview of what recruitment solutions we have to offer- focusing on permanent recruitment. If you are looking for bespoke recruitment solutions then contact our team today. Alternatively, visit our permanent and temporary recruitment pages.

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