Recruitment Partners

Our Recruitment Partners

We have joined with many companies during our time of trading, all of our recruitment partners aim to work cohesively in order to provide you – our clients and candidates – with the best possible service.

Recruitment Partners Regional Recruitment Services REC

Recruitment & Employment Confederation

We are a part of a professional body for UK recruitment agencies called the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Which supports us by improving the standards, knowledge and reputation of the recruitment industry. They do this by:

  1. Speaking with, and attending government policy meetings.
  2. Training us in the latest legislation, ensuring we have full compliance in all recruitment matters.
Recruitment Partner Broadbean Regional Recruitment Services Recruitment Agency Leicester


This is one of the best recruitment partners that we have partnered with. Broadbean offer an opportunity to efficiently and effectively streamline the recruitment process. It does this by:

  1. Increasing efficiency by multi-post job advert onto premium job boards.
  2. Have a simple application and review process that enables our consultants to give feedback quickly. 
Recruitment Partners Regional Recruitment Services RDB Pronet

RDB ProNet

The Access Group are an industry-leading software company which provides recruitment agencies with a comprehensive Client Relationship Management system (CRM). We use RDB Pronet to improve the workflow of our consultants, which means that we are able to:

  1. Reduced the time the recruitment process can take.
  2. Seamlessly provide support for all recruitment needs, including permanent, temporary and contract hire.
Me Education Logo Recruitment Partner Regional Recruitment Services Recruitment Agency Leicester

Me Education

We are in a sole partnership with ME Education, who provide both short and long term apprenticeship within a number of business sectors including; office, warehouse and management.

  1. They have a range of levels available, starting at 1 and all the way through to management.
  2. Upskill your current staff to improve service and retention or gain extra qualifications
suits me logo Recruitment Partmers Regional Recruitment Services Recruitment Agency Leicester

Suits Me

Suits Me are an award-winning e-account and debit card solution. Their accounts are suitable for those that are new to the UK, if you want to get out of the cycle of overdraft debt or if want something different to a prepaid card account.

  1. You can create an account with Suits Me when you come and register with us.
  2. Solution features: contactless debit card, a mobile app and even setting direct debits.