Recruitment Resources

We have put together a number of resources that help you to be successful during your Job Search or recruitment drive. All of these resources are free for you us and take away with you.

National Living and Minimum Wage Increase 2020

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As of April 1st 2020, the National Living and National Minimum wages are set to increase. Millions of U.K. workers will benefit from the raise, some as such as £930 a year. Download this infographic today for more of information.

Why Are Some Recruitment Drives Unsuccessful?

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Recruitment can be difficult, especially when you are hiring directly. Setbacks are frustrating, can cause a reduction in productivity and prevent your company from growing.

Star Interview Technique

.pdf (137.53KB)
We have created this Free inforgraphic to help with competency based interview questions using the STAR Technique.

Competency Based Interview Questions

.pdf (112.25KB)
We have created this Free infographic about Competency Based interview Questions

Tips To Deal With Interview Rejection

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We have created this infographic to give you an insight on how to deal with interview rejection if you would like more information on this subject please visit our blog.

Free CV Writing Guide

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We have created this Cv writing infographic for you to take away if you would like more tips please feel free to visit our blog.

Conventional CV Template

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We have created a CV template that everyone would be able to use at some point during their career. This CV is created on Microsoft word and is editable and free to use. we hope that this helps you to take the next step in your career quicker. Please take a look at our CV […]