Lucy Kornacka Technical Divisional Manager Technical Recruitment Agency Regional Recruitment Service

Division Manager – Technical & Engineering

Lucy has an excellent reputation within the Technical and Engineering recruitment market. Supporting a number of clients and candidates throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands.She developed her excellent recruiting skills from years of working within the industry, and already has long-standing working relationships with a number of clients and candidates.
With Lucy’s insight in recruiting for these specialist markets and her hand-on approach to recruitment, we wanted to understand what her secret for success is:

“In these specialist markets, it is imperative to venture to where the candidates are. This often means creating graphics to go on specialist job boards or social media groups and taking the time to create search-optimised job adverts that attract talent to the role.However, my success is also linked to rapport building with candidates and creating long-standing relationships with clients, that are built on clarity, trust and understanding”.

We felt that Lucy had the experience, skillset and attitude to grow this division. As such, she has been promoted to Divisional Manager and will manage the Technical & Engineering, Manufacturing and MMCC departments.

For any enquiries surrounding technical and engineering recruitment or employment, please contact Lucy on 0116 366 7626 or email

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