Olga re-joined Regional Recruitment Services during 2019. Joining us as our Industrial Divisional Manager, after amassing a wealth of temporary Industrial recruitment experience and successfully managing multiple clients with high-volume contracts.


Having worked in various recruitment positions, Olga has a unique insight into both candidate and client requirements and relationship management. As a result, she is able to go above and beyond the traditional industrial recruitment processes to provide a solution that best supports both parties.


Given Olga’s expertise within Industrial Recruitment and her effective approach to finding talent, we wanted her insight into industrial recruitment:


Given the narrowing candidate availability that all industries are facing, it is imperative that employers engage and retain new and existing talent.

However, engaging with large candidate pools is an intricate task that requires consistent management. This is one of the ways that we support our clients. By continually engaging with candidates, through social media, emails and telephone, we are able to efficiently fulfil recruitment requirements, and create bespoke retention strategies for this specific market.


In addition, it is important that we have a cohesive team. They are the key to managing multiple, volume accounts. Experience and calculated initiative is needed to navigate through the daily decisions a peak temp division will encounter.

For this reason, I like to lead by example. Offering the skills and principles I have picked up during my time in the industry, to those in my team that require them. Leading from the front allows you to exhibit behaviours and ethos to your team that makes for competent account management. The hands-on approach enables new consultants in a department to understand how to run desks themselves, by providing them with the right building blocks, training and initiative to follow.


For any requirements with volume, temporary industrial recruitment, please contact Olga to determine how our Industrial division can support your business.

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