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For us Technical & Engineering is an expansive sector that not just covers engineering but also Design, Quality Control, Installations, Maintenance, planning and more.

Our experience within this niche market enables us to help find the specialists that are becoming increasingly difficult to find, due to the widening skills shortage. We tap into our extensive experience to create a bespoke campaign that utilises innovative recruitment technologies and extensive resourcing strategies.

You can be confident that our screening and interviewing techniques have been specially designed to bring you a guaranteed calibre of engineer, whether you’re looking for short-term support with a contract or are succession planning for your business.

We deliver this recruitment solution nationwide and we’ve got a reputation for supplying senior roles too, so if you’re looking for high-quality candidates who will fit in with the culture and ethos of your team, please give us a call.

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Areas of Expertise within Technical & Engineering Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment

We understand that the Technical & Engineering industry has a number of niche skills and qualifications. Without the right staff, organisations can quickly fall behind competitors. Whether is it a designer with CAD experience, a Maintenance Engineer with experience of repairing air conditioning units or a recent engineer graduate that you wish to train to your processes- we can help you find the right talent.

Office Professional Recruitment

When you are expanding your office team it is important that you not only hire for the right skills, from designers that will develop new products or systems to people that will develop economically viable plans for your projects, but that also fit in with your unique business culture. We can conduct psychometric testing during interviews to ensure that you have the right skills and the right personality!

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