Technical and Engineering Recruitment Agency

For us, Technical & Engineering is an expansive sector that not just covers engineering but also Design, Quality Control, Installations, Maintenance, planning and more. It is part of our regional heritage so we’re proud to supply people throughout the East Midlands, and Leicester in particular.

With the extensive processes involved in the technical and engineering sector, you want to be sure that the team involved have the right skill set for the job. Our team have over 10 years’ experience in recruiting skilled individuals into this sector, during this time they have built up an ever-expanding network of skilled and semi-skilled workers whilst also refining the recruitment process to the highest-calibre possible.


Areas Of Expertise

Our experience within this niche market enables us to help find the specialists that are becoming increasingly difficult to find, due to the widening skills shortage. We tap into our extensive experience to create a bespoke campaign that utilises innovative recruitment technologies and extensive resourcing strategies. With a network that stretches across the East Midlands, we have a proven track record on supporting clients with both their temporary and permanent recruitment.

Welding Recruitment

We can recruit people who will boost performance in your business, deliver objectives and analyse risks. Welding is more than just the fabrication process, when you are hiring for this position you need workers that have a high level of attention to detail, understand health and safety regulations and can handle producing high volumes of work.

General Manufacturing Recruitment

Whilst we have extensive experience in recruiting for skilled roles, we are also a safe pair of hands for when you are recruiting for general manufacturing roles. We regularly complete assignments for Fabricators, Fitters, Joiners, Metal Workers, Solderers and more.

Specialist Recruitment

We understand that the Technical & Engineering industry has many niche skills and qualifications. Without the right staff, organisations can quickly fall behind competitors. Whether is it a designer with CAD experience, a Maintenance Engineer with experience of repairing air conditioning units or a recent engineer graduate that you wish to train to your processes, we can help you find the right talent.

Skilled Machine Recruitment

We regularly help employers to find skilled operators of a variety of machinery. From CNC specialists to press-brake operative or general machine operators, our unique insight and experience in this industry help us to find these niche skills.

If you are currently recruiting and looking for support you should contact our team today!

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