Temporary Recruitment - Supporting Business Function

Our passion lies with placing people in short term-roles that suits them, whilst meeting the requirements of the business. You'll find us knowledgeable about all aspects of temporary work - from the latest legislation and workers' rights to predicting trends in this market.

At Regional Recruitment Services we have the resources and proficiency to fill the skills shortage that is prohibiting growth within your organisation. Allowing you to focus on your core business. We also have the capacity to meet demands with volume industrial accounts, where staff fluctuations can be daunting. Providing an on-site labour solution if required.

How Does Our Temporary Recruitment Solution Support Businesses?

We are unique to other recruitment agencies in our local market. Many of our services are fully customised and bespoke to the clients we service. Every organisation is different, and our consultants are experts in deploying years of recruitment strategy, to best serveĀ employers that seek our professionalism.

A Personal Visit Recruitment Agency Leicester Temporary Recruitment Regional Recruitment Services

A Personal Visit

To help you best, we need to understand your business, and this takes more than just a phone call. We’ll come and see you to get a feel for your work environment and culture. Together we’ll draw up a detailed specification to enable us to start the search for your next employee as soon as possible.

Flexible Sourcing

We’ll start by matching candidates from our ever-expanding database. Then, we’ll extend our search by advertising on numerous premium job boards and social media sites. You can count on us to use proven techniques to identify the right talent, including headhunting and referrals where appropriate.

Flexible Sourcing Regional Recruitment Services Recruitment Agency Leicester Temporary Recruitment
Thorough Vetting Regional Recruitment Services Recruitment Agency Leicester Temporary Recruitment

Thorough Vetting

Every candidate has a thorough telephone interview, local candidates also have face-to-face interviews, are referenced and tested before they start work. You can be confident that our temporary staff comply with the eligibility to work in the UK checks and are the best suit for your organisation.

Candidate Preparation

We are well aware of the challenges that temporary recruitment drives may have. To remove these challenges, we take the time to fully prepare candidates before they start work. This can include undertaking pre-site inductions on your behalf and every candidate will have a check-in before their shift – either via a phone call or by text.

Candidate Preparation Regional Recruitment Services Recruitment Agency Leicester Temporary Recruitment

At every stage, we'll be on hand to offer advice and support. Giving you peace of mind that your temporary recruitment campaign is being handled proactively and expertly.

Value In Our Temporary Recruitment Solution

By truly understanding your recruitment requirements we are able to create a campaign that sources the talent that fits into the business culture, resolves skills gaps and that helps the team grow. Below are just some of the ways that we add value to your temporary recruitment solutions.

Streamlining Registration

Efficiency in compliance is a key asset to our business. Our investment into Secured Signing technology allows for secure and legally binding documents to be sent digitally at a click of a button. This allows us to register fully compliant candidates quickly, giving our clients sharper response times for fast-turnaround candidate requirements.

Candidate Experience

We operate as an extension of your business, which is why the candidate experience is critically important to us. This is why we are extremely proud of our superior rating in comparison to our competitors around the Midlands. Candidates rate us among the top-rated agencies in the UK according to Google.

On-Site Recruitment Solutions

Industrial or manufacturing employers with large volume accounts can benefit from our on-site recruitment solutions to assist with high peaks in labour. This allows HR departments to centre their attention around core activities. On-site recruitment allows for increased flexibility to support your business to meet demands for workers when staffing levels fluctuate.

In-house Payroll, No Umbrella Companies

Our top of the line candidate management system enables us to operate using digital timesheets, paying all agency workers in-house. We do not use umbrella companies! RRS give employers a guarantee that their candidates are being looked after, by a dedicated payroll department.

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