Why Candidates Use Us To Find A Job

As a recruitment agency, we have two main goals – to find you work and to help organisations source candidates like you for diverse roles and to ensure that you find the right job that aligns with your aspirations.

We are a job agency in Leicester that actively seeks opportunities on your behalf, we’ll give you advice, support and guidance on all aspects of job hunting including CV tips and interview preparation.

We want to establish relationships that will last throughout the duration of your career. To do this it is important that we build trust and understand you- your aspirations, career goals, work-life balance and more. Therefore, we ensure that your requirements are aligned with our clients- getting you the best possible role.

We specialise in a diverse range of sectors including Commercial, Industrial, Construction and Technical & Engineering. We’re local specialists, based in Leicester City Centre, but work across the whole of the UK. So you have access to a very wide network of jobs.

Quick Tips To Help You Find Success

Although we are a job agency in Leicester, we believe that our responsibility as a recruitment agency extends beyond just placing people into roles. We think that we should help candidates to make the most out of their search, with or without our help.

Which is why we have several helpful pages, articles and resources available on our website. All of them free and all will help you be successful during your job search. See below for some of our quick tips to help you when you are writing your CV or preparing for your next interview.

Ground rules for effective CVs!

  1. It’s about quality, not quantity! Aim for two pages and certainly no more than three.
  2. Keep the language clear – jargon and complicated terminology are not required.
  3. Write your CV in a recognised format. Word is the most popular.
  4. Stick to a standard font. Arial is safe, a handwriting style font is not.
  5. You don’t need to include your date of birth or a photo.
  6. Sell yourself and your achievements/contributions with relevant examples of the skills you’ve applied in the real world


Show Your Best Side – Tips For Successful Interviews

Interviews are two-way processes: as an interviewee, you will want to show your knowledge, convey your skills and make a lasting impression on the interviewer or panel.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  1. Maintain a good posture – relaxed, yet confident. Body language is very important!
  2. Don’t hide your personality.  Be the best possible version of yourself. This means not acting in the way that you think the interviewer wants you to act – it might come over as unnatural and contrived. And most of all, you won’t be able to sustain it!
  3. Give yourself every chance of success – do some research, find out more about the company, their mission, their aspiration, their successes. Have they been in the press recently?
  4. Trust in yourself and your ability to do the job. You’re there because you have everything on paper to fulfil the role and make a positive contribution.
  5. Have a mock interview – perhaps role-play with friends, family or colleagues. Or prepare for competency-based interview questions.
  6. Build rapport and tell a story.

Some of our Candidates Feedback

We're proud to have a 4.7 Google rating and 4.9 Facebook rating, across over 245 reviews. Putting us in pole position as the best-rated agency in the East Midlands. But, don't take our word regarding how amazing our service is. Take the word of our candidates!

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