Permanent Recruitment

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the key industry disciplines we operate within. It is one of the reasons why our permanent recruitment solution delivers results.


Permanent Recruitment Solution

Our teams are formed to provide specialist permanent recruitment solutions. Using unique recruitment processes to drive optimum results, in the different employment sectors we facilitate. The reason we are rated one of the best recruitment agency in the Midlands is due to our specialist consultants. All of them truly understand the markets they operate in and are thorough in their approach to ascertain your recruitment needs.

Another reason why so many employers have found success utilising our expertise is down to the elite level of recruitment processes we offer. We are proud of the way we do recruitment, sourcing the world’s best technology in our quest to become the UK’s market leaders in permanent recruitment.

Understanding Your Requirements

The success of a permanent campaign hinges on having a thorough understanding of the role, company culture and challenges that you face. By taking the time to gain this insight we are able to find the right people the first time.

Comprehensive Screening and Vetting

Screening candidates is the most time-consuming stage of recruitment, which is why many employers outsource. When we screen candidates we go further than just reading their CV, we take the time to telephone and video interview candidates before submitting them.

Superior Search Techniques

Not only do we place our adverts on a network of premium job boards, but our consultants are also trained in the latest search techniques so can actively head-hunt talent- even those that aren’t currently on the market.

Continued Support After Onboarding

Many recruitment agencies would stop their support once a candidate is placed. We don’t as we know it’s important that we continue checking in with our candidates and you, to monitor performance and how they fit in with the team as it improves retention.

At every stage, we'll give you expert advice and support. So that you feel confident about your permanent recruitment solutio and completely satisfied with the outcome.


Streamline The Permanent Recruitment Solution

By truly understanding your recruitment requirements we create a campaign that sources the right talent that fits into the business culture, resolves skills gaps and that helps the team to grow. Below are just some of the ways that we can tailor our standard recruitment campaign to your needs.

Assessment Centres

It’s no longer practical for employers to assess candidates solely against job competencies; Assessment Centres allow for further analysis on an applicant’s key skills and culture fit. Making sure that the candidate is well-suited to thrive in your working environment.

Find Out How Assessment Centres Help

Skills Testing

We understand that your success depends on having the right individuals in the right roles at the right time. Skills testing aides us in identifying talent, assessing suitability quickly and effectively. Giving you peace of mind to hire with confidence, whilst also reducing the cost of hire, in the long-term.

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Need Short Term Employee Cover?

Not every event can be accounted for in business. Someone might become seriously ill and needs to take long-term sick leave or a member of staff hands in their notice unexpectedly. Temporary Recruitment can be an effective solution that alleviates the stress that these situations cause.

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Areas Of Expertise

We have experience recruiting in several sectors. Our main areas of focus are Commercial, Technical & Engineering, Industrial and Construction. Each division has expert recruiters that truly understand the challenges that their industry faces.